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Water Heaters Leawood Ks

water heaters leawood kansas

KC Plumber Pro is a licensed and insured as a plumbing contractor that installs water heaters in Leawood Kansas. One of the building codes in Leawood that pertains to water heaters is the requirement of thermal expansion tanks. Most parts of Kansas City require expansion tanks on all closed loop systems when installing a new water heater. Leawood does not require expansion tanks but they do recommend expansion tanks be installed on all applications.

When we install an expansion tank in Leawood we always include an 3/4″ ball valve as a quick shut off option. This will make servicing or replacing the expansion tank much easier. An expansion tank should also be properly supported. Often KC Plumber Pro will build the pipe leading up to the water heater out of 3/4″ copper instead of pex.

Pressure reducing vales are required when pressure may exceed 80 psi. Having too much pressure in your house is hard on all of your fixtures.

One of the New water heater requirements in Kansas City for all new homes built in Leawood Kansas is the requirement of a power vent water heater. A power vent water heater is among the most efficient types water heaters that you can buy. A power vent water heater cost almost twice as much upfront as a traditional water heater but it will recoup more than double throughout it’s lifespan.

A power vent water heater must be installed where there is a 4″ flue coming through. It will also require a few additional btu, so you should make sure that your gas line can support jumping from 40,000 to 76,000 btu.

Traditional water heaters are still the best bet for many homeowners in the Leawood area as their house may not support a 4″ flue. In this case we offer 10 Year AO Smith ultimate warranty package. We provide a 10 year warranty on the tank as well as a full 10 year warranty on labor.