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Hot Water Heaters


Efficient Water Heaters

For most American homes, the water heater is responsible for up to 25% of the energy consumption and cost. Almost all of the water heaters available today are more efficient than older units. Proposed regulations that are set to go into effect in 2015 could require that all water heaters meet a certain energy efficiency requirement that is not obtainable with traditional tank type units.

Gas Water Heaters

A gas water heater is usually the first choice for most plumbers when it comes time to replace a water heater. The average household will have either a 40 or 50 gallon tank to provide hot water to the house. A gas water heater will perform better and cost less to operate than an electric water heater. The number of models available has increased in recent years, which has been driven by the efficiency of water heaters. We are spending more on the energy required to heat the water in our homes. You don’t have to go tankless to have a high efficient water heater. Bradford White has many models including the TTW Power Vent that uses a heat exchanger to increase the unit’s efficiency. This will add to the initial cost of installing a water heater but will payoff in under two years.

Electric Water Heaters

The only time that our plumbers use or recommend an electric water heater is when the house does not have a way to supply or to vent the gas. In some older houses the chimney may not be functional or properly sized in which case an electric water heater would be your cheapest install, at least in the short term. An electric water heater is not as efficient as a gas or even a propane (LP) unit.

Hybrid Electric units will usually pay for themselves in only a few short years. They can save up to $300 per year just on energy savings, up to $5,000 over the life of the tank.

Tankless water heaters have slowly taken over a portion of the water heater market. They have their place in both residential and commercial applications. Usually those projects where space in a concern. A tankless water heater will also provide a continuous supply of how water. This is especially critical in establishments that use large amounts of hot water throughout the day.

KC Plumber Pro is a licensed plumbing contractor out of Kansas City that specializes in the installation of water heaters. There are several different brands and types of water heaters that can be installed. Water Heaters have changed dramatically over the last ten years due to the increased cost to heat our water. They are now more than ever geared towards being as efficient as possible. Of coarse, with the increased efficiency comes a higher initial cost for purchase.

We can install a top of the line Bradford White Water Heaters for a very competitive price.  For years now they have made the best tank on the market. That’s why we a comfortable offering an industry leading guarantee if ever your tank should fail. The last thing you want, is to pay for the install twice because of a faulty tank.  If you are experiencing troubles with your water heater give us a call and we can troubleshoot your problem. KC Plumber Pro is licensed as a Plumbing contractor and is experienced in all phases of residential plumbing. We can inspect your current plumbing system to ensure everything is up to current code. We can also make recommendations including PRV and expansion tank installation while our plumbers our on the job.