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Bradford White Kansas City

Bradford White water heater manufacturer

This is a detailed list of the available Bradford White Kansas City Models. Bradford Water is the only water heater was 100% manufactured here in the USA. The Bradford White guarantee is among the industries best manufacturers and the most recommended brand of plumbing professionals. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using Bradford White water heaters is that repairs will be easy to tackle. Unlike many off brands, Bradford White parts are very universal and stocked by a large percentage of plumbers. KC Plumber Pro stocks all the parts needed to repair gas and electric water heaters.

Bradford White has four main types of water heaters that they manufacture. There have been a lot of changes in water heater technology over the recent years. The main reason for the change has been fueled by a rising cost for the energy that heats our water. Here are the four types of water heaters that Bradford White manufactures.

Atmospheric Vent Models

Power Vent Models

Power Direct Vent Models

Direct Vent Models

Bradford White 50 Gallon TTW Power Vent Water Heater

This is one of the most efficient water heaters available on the market. This is a great option if you have to move the water heater where there is not an easy wat to vent. Rather than having to go straight up, this type of vent can be ran horizontal. The Bradford White TTW Power vent can also be used to get a high efficient tank without having to go tankless.


Bradford White 50 Gallon Gas

The 50 Gallon Gas water heater is one of the most common water heaters KC Plumber Pro installs. In most cases we feel that this is still the most cost effective way to replace your water heater. The Gas Bradford White is slightly more efficient that the electric as well as provide a quicker recovery time for those families who use a lot of hot water.


Bradford White Tankless Water Heaters

Bradford White has 6 different tankless or indirect water heaters that are available for both commercial and residential applications. A continuous supply of hot water is one of the biggest advantages of a tankless unit. For some businesses or household’s this can be a very important feature. A Bradford White tankless unit is backed by a 12 year warranty and installation is backed by KC Plumber Pro.