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Water Heaters Prairie Village

Water Heaters Prairie Village, Ks

KC Plumber Pro installs water heaters in Prairie Village, Ks. We are also licensed as a plumbing contractor and specialize in residential service calls such as water heater repairs and installation.  Most of the calls we get for water heaters in Prairie Village, Ks are for leaking tanks. When the tank starts to leak it usually means that the water heater needs to be replaced.

Expansion tanks are required in Prairie Village, Ks for water heaters that are on a closed loop system. Most homes in Prairie Village are not on a closed loop system because they do not have pressure reducing valves. Most of the water main’s for Prairie Village are old and they usually keep the water pressure pretty low to prevent problems.

Instead of having a handyman install your water heater, consider having a licensed plumber look over your entire plumbing system. A properly installed water heater involves more than just switching out the tanks. You need a plumber who can check the water pressure and also monitor to see if you PRV is working properly. Failure to do so can result in premature tank failure.

Many of the homes in Prairie Village with gas water heaters have vents that should be inspected for carbon monoxide leaks. We also see a lot of Prairie Village homes that do not have drip leg’s coming off the gas line. A drip leg is designed to catch any condensation that can form in a gas line causing the appliance to fail.