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Water Heaters Overland Park

Water Heater Overland Park Kansas

One of our most popular projects is replacing water heaters Overland Park, Ks. Building codes in Overland Park will allow for a permit to be pulled after the installation of your new water heater. This is in case your water heater quits working in the middle of a weekend. Your plumber can replace the water heater and schedule for the inspection on Monday.

The standards for replacing a water heater in Overland Park are different from new OP and old OP. If you homes water pressure is over 80 psi than your house should have a pressure reducing valve. A lot of the water heaters that we replace are because the PRV quit working.

Many homes in Overland Park do not have a thermal expansion tank installed. If you home has a PRV, building code requires that you also install an expansion tank. For KC Plumber Pro, it has now become a standard for our plumbers when installing water heaters in Overland Park. A thermal expansion tank can also absorb pressure surges in water lines preventing damage to your water heater.

When we install a water heater in Overland Park, we will always test the water pressure as part of the installation. If the water pressure is too high we recommend installing a (PRV) pressure reducing valve.

Another common issue in older homes in Overland Park is the lack of a drip leg on the gas line that supplies the water heater. Our installerĀ is familiar with Overland Park building codes. They will inspect the gas line and make the appropriate changes to get the water heater up to code. For the price that was originally quoted.