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Water Heaters Kansas City KS

Water Heaters Kansas City, KS

KC Plumber Pro installs and repairs water heaters in Kansas City Kansas. Our shop is located in Turner and our main supply house is located nearby. Replacing a water heater is usually something that we can get done within a few hours of being contacted.

The most common water heaters we install in Kansas City, Ks are Bradford White 40 gallon gas water heaters with a standard tank. 

The are many things that you should consider when changing a water heater in KCK. This biggest factor when installing a water heater in Kansas City, KS is that many of the homes were build a long time ago. Most of the supply lines are Galvanized or copper. If you have galvanized lines you need to be careful because the lines can become brittle and can be damaged easily.

Some of the newer neighborhoods in Kansas City Kansas will have pex supply lines. We also see a lot of PRV’s in the newer homes. In this situation you should either add or replace your expansion tank.

If your home already has an expansion tank our installer will put in a new one because they can become water logged over time and lose pressure.