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Water Heater Lenexa Ks

KC Plumber Pro is very familiar with installing and servicing water heaters in Lenexa Kansas. Our most common type of water heater installed in Lenexa is a Bradford White 40 gal gas water heater. When installing a water heater in Lenexa you need to install an expansion tank as well.

Most of the homes in Lenexa Kansas are have copper plumbing. We have seen many homes in Lenexa that have water pressure that is too high. Most of the newer homes built will have a water pressure regulator that keeps water pressure from getting too high.

KC Plumber Pro can test your water pressure when installing a new water heater. Water Pressure above 80 psi can be tough on your homes plumbing fixtures. This is especially true with a water heater. In fact, we will not offer our 10 year warranty if your water pressure is too high.