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Tankless water heaters Kansas City

Tankless water heatersKC Plumber Pro installs top of the line Tankless water heaters throughout all of Kansas City. We specialize in the installation of water heaters both regular tank and tankless variations. KC Plumber Pro is trained and certified to service and install Rinnai tankless water heaters. The 8 hour class was put on by Rinnai to help with the technical aspect of tankless water heaters.

Gas Demand for a Tankless Water Heater

One of the biggest things that you have to consider when thinking about switching over to a tankless unit is the increased gas demand that will be needed. Most water heaters will have 1/2″ gas line that feeds into the unit. This is because a normal water heater will only require about 40,000-60,000 btu to operate.

A tankless water heater usually required a 3/4″ gas line to operate and usually burns about 200,000 btu. This means that you need a licensed plumber to run a new gas line to your appliance.

When KC Plumber pro installs a new gas line we will always us iron pipe instead of CSST or flexible gas lines.

You also need to calculate the entire demand of the house. By adding an appliance that has such a high consumption you may be starving you other gas appliances such as your furnace, fireplace, or stove. Have a licensed plumber come out and verify that you can support the increased demand.

Vent for Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater will also require specific venting in order to operate inside your home. Many tankless water heaters have both an intake and exhaust vent. The vent can be ran with either 2″ or 3″ PVC pipe.These vents must maintain the proper slope in order to work properly. Each vent will terminate outside the house which usually requires penetration of a rim joist.

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