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Using a water heater timer

As a plumber that frequently installs water heaters we occasionally get questions about energy saving products that are related to plumbing. One of these devices that has recently become more popular is a timer for your water heater.

Many homeowners are curious as to whether or not a water heater timer will actually work or save you money on your utility bills. When we install an Overland Park water heater we will occasionally recommend this as an upgrade. A water heater timer will work for both gas and electric water heaters and will usually result in some savings on your bills. A timer for a water heater will allow your unit to idle during the times of the day that you are not using any hot water. The amount of savings will vary for each individual family based on the type of water heater you have and your hot water consumption habits.

Another thing to think about when considering a water heater timer is that your tank could actually last longer if it is not being uses as frequently. This will reduce the amount of sediment that builds up in the bottom of a gas water heater. You must also consider that a water heater timer will have an initial cost of around $100 and could be anywhere from $100-$300 to install. The installation cost will depend on the type of timer that you install and the amount of time required to complete the installation.


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