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New water heater requirements in Kansas City

As of April 2013, all water heaters installed in new homes throughout Kansas City need to be power vent models. The power vent water heater cost about twice as much as a standard energy saver water heater. 

The code change was part of an initiative to save energy. A power vent water heater requires a 4″ diameter vent and a traditional water heater only requires a 3″ vent. This can create a problems when trying to upgrade your existing water heater for a power vent water heater. You should make sure that you have a licensed plumber come out to verify that your flue is big enough to support the large flue.

A power vent water heater does have it’s advantages. This is what we recommend for anybody that is considering a tankless water heater in an effort to become more energy efficient. You should be able to make up the additional cost of a power vent water heater within the first 3-4 years of the purchase.