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Do I need an expansion tank in Overland Park?

Most homes in Overland Park will require a thermal expansion tank to be installed when you replace your water heater. Overland Park building code requires for a thermal expansion tank to be installed on all closed loop systems. 

When water can flow in and out of a home it is referred to as an open loop system. Most older homes are on an open loop system and do not create additional stress on the hot water heater. Newer homes in Johnson County tend to have high water pressure. If the incoming water pressure is over 80 psi you have a greater risk of plumbing problems down the road. Overland Park building code requires an expansion tank when the water pressure is in excess of 80 psi.

How much does an expansion tank cost?

Many plumbers that install water heaters don’t always install expansion tanks on closed loop systems. As long as it last for a year their warranty is covered. Many plumbing contractors seem to use expansion tanks as a way to increase the bid amount. I have seen reputable companies right here in Shawnee that charge as much as $800 to install an expansion tank.

We typically charge about $150 to install an expansion tank. Expansion tanks are similar to water heaters as they both vary in pricing. While there are expansion tanks available for as little as $25, most plumbers won’t install a cheap tank.

Part of the reason that expansion tanks cost so much is due to the added liability they bring. An expansion tank needs to be supported properly. If an expansion tank fails it will become waterlogged and can potentially cause major leaks or flooding. This is part of the reason why KC Plumber Pro installs a $70 expansion tank. If the expansion tank fails before the water heater then there’s no point of even installing one.