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Lowes Water Heater Gimmick

In this case Lowes uses price as their gimmick to sell homeowners on the water heater installation. They don’t give specific pricing over the phone or in the store, rather a range of about $50.

They don’t come out to look at your water heater for free, they charge you in order to secure the job. The actual average job cost to install a water heater is much higher than the price they quote. Lowes local water heater install department relies on upselling the customer to make the jobs more profitable. For instance, Lowes does not include a shut off valve in the price quote for a new water heater.

They can actually require you to make certain upgrades saying that it is required by code.

Here are a list of the most common extra’s that you may be charged for changing out a water heater.

  • New Shut off Valve – $$85 – $145
  • Drip Leg for Gas line – $95-$165 
  • Expansion Tank – $150 – $200 
  • Replace galvanized pipe – $125 – $365
  • Replace old saddle valve – $85 – $145
  • Replace Gas cock – $70-$125
  • Replace Main Shut off $180-$325

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