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Electric water heaters

I have never been much of a fan of electric water heaters. Aside from being less efficient they also have a slower recovery time and do not meet the same hot water demand. With that being said, KC Plumber Pro does a lot of remodels in older homes in which the existing flue or chimney needs updated.

Replacing the flue or chimney in an old house can easily cost over ten thousand dollars. This is why the general contractor or homeowner will often choose to go with an electric unit. You can also go with a high efficiency unit. A high efficiency or tankless water heater does not have to be vented straight up like a standard gas water heater. You still need a vent for a tankless unit, you can just travel a lot farther with  it. The downside of a tankless unit is that you will often need to increase the size of the gas line that supplies that unit.

They do make electric tankless water heaters but they really haven’t caught on. In fact, most plumbing suppliers don’t even offer the sale of an electric tankless water heater.

Most of the time when we renovate a house and don’t have a good option to vent the appliance we will go with a standard 50 gal Bradford White water heater. In a few installations we have had to go back and add a second water heater to meet the families demand for hot water.

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