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Dip tube water heater

Not getting enough hot water from your water heater?

There are several things that can have an affect on hot water production. While most of the water heaters in the Kansas City area are gas fired, a small portion of them are electric. The first step in troubleshooting your water heaters lack of production is to determine the type of water heater you have. Continue reading

Water Heater Wiki

One of the things we are working on to try to increase our presence online is to create as many informative pages that relate to water heaters. Our recent post on Water Heater Wiki pages is all about the specialization of water heater installation in the Kansas City area. We focus on standar residential water heaters in 40 and 50 gallon sizes as well as commercial applications such as 100 gallon water heater replacements.



Do I need a permit to replace my hot water heater


If you are planning on replacing your water heater you are most likely going to be required to pull a permit to complete the project. While every city or jurisdiction will have their own rules that you must comply with, I have never  heard of a city that did not require a permit for a water heater.

One of the most important reasons for pulling a permit with the installation of a new water heater is to ensure that all of the mechanical components are up to specs for the new unit. Continue reading