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Bradford White water heater review

This is a quick video in response to a Bradford White hot water heater video that was posted online. It was from a homeowner who was upset that his water heater had unfortunately stopped working just 6 months after his warranty expired.

One of the biggest advantages to having us install a water heater is the warranty that comes along with the job. Most of the time when a water heater fails early there is a reason that the water heater failed. Most of the time there is a correlation between the water pressure of the house and the longevity of the water heater. An expansion tank can help with certain pressure issues but any house that has more than 80 psi should have a pressure reducing valve installed.

This water heater was still working 16 years after being installed. The only reason that we replaced the hot water heater is because the supply lines were leaking above the water heater. There was not floor drain present in the finished basement so they decided to replace it to avoid the mess.