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Best Water Heaters in Kansas City

Chances are if you have stumbled across this page you are in the search for a new water heater. Either your old tank has started leaking or has just stopped putting out how water. Time is of the essence when you are out of hot water and you want to find a good deal on a quality tank that will last for years to come.

Over that past ten years water heaters have become more expensive and tend to not last as long. On the plus side they have become much more efficient and have more safety features than older tanks. For a gas water heater you can expect to pay anywhere from $400-$1200 an up. Depending on the warranty length and efficiency of the water heater your price will vary greatly.

As a licensed plumbing contractor in Overland Park, KC Plumber Pro is recommends Bradford White Water Heaters for both 40 and 50 gallon replacements. Not only do they make a great product but they also have a great customer service department that will respond quickly if your tank fails. A Bradford White water heater must be purchased from a plumbing supply house by a licensed plumber. This is to ensure the tanks are installed correctly which helps reduce technical support that must be provided if a tank is improperly installed.