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Best water heater

Customers like to ask our plumbers who makes the best water heaters. Of all the water heaters we install we seem to have the least amount of trouble with the Bradford White water heaters. A bradford white water heater is available in both a 6 year and 10 year warranty. 

There are several things to consider when evaluating various types of water heaters. Recovery time, efficiency, lifespan, and cost are all factors that will influence which water heater works the best for you. As of right now, most energy efficient water heaters cost more than they save.

One of the reasons we like to install and recommend Bradford White water heaters is because they are easy to work on and we stock parts on all of our trucks. Having to wait on a $10 part for a water heater may not be an option if your tank is not working. For most families, going a day or two without hot water is not an option.