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Are there any water heater reviews that aren’t bias?

If you really look into it, you’ll find that most of the providers of reviews don’t come from what you would really consider to be a credible source.

Home Depot Water Heater Reviews

Home Depot has a tremendous amont of information that you can collect on water heaters. There is a slight range of satisfaction rates from customers that have provided feeback among various water heaters. Unsurprisingly, the cheaper water heaters have a lower rating than some of the more expensive units.

Home Depot not only sells water heaters but they also offer installations. The home depot website does not offer any feedback on the service providers that are responsible for the installations.

The website does offer reviews that are based on the water heater itself, ost of the reviews on their website the users report having a overall positive experience with their installation of a new water heater. If you look at third party reviews you will find that the overall satisfaction rate with either the water heater or service provided is not nearly as well received.

Sears Water Heater Reviews

The water heater reviews on Sears website are a complete joke when you compare them to third party outside sources. Sears has some of the worst reviews when it comes to installing and more specifically providing service to water heaters.

The number one problem with Sears water heater installers is that they will sell an installation with the notion that their is a full warranty on the water heater. The majority of the installations only provide an extended warranty for the tank itself. This covers leaks on the tank which is not very likely to happen in the first few  years anyway. What is not provided is warranty on parts and labor for other repairs that may be needed on these water heaters.

When it comes to cheap water heaters, they definitely have some options. For some reason people just want to save a couple of bucks on a cheap tank and do not realize that in the long run they will be spending much more on repairs.

Consumer Affairs Water Heater Reviews

Even with sights like consumer affairs don’t provide the complete truth about a product. This is a website that is focused around collecting negative reviews. I have a 16 year old Bradford White in my house and I wanted to leave a positive 4 out of 5 stars review. Two days later I got an email back saying that they could not accept my review. All 15 complaints about Bradford White had been negative.

Amazon Water Heater Reviews

Amazone is probably the most credible source for water heater reviews. The only problem is that water heaters that are sold through Amazon are always shipped.

Water heaters are almost as bad as bathtubs, when they get shipped out you need to inspect them thoroughly because more often that not, there is some type of damage to the product.

Most of the water heater reviews on Amazon are either 5 stars or 1 star. The 1 star reviews usually were damaged during shipment or didn’t work at all once installed. The 5 star reviews are usually left just a few days after the homeowner installed the new water heater and being a new water heater they usually perform well.

Even cheap water heaters perform well for the first year or two. While they are more susceptible to leaks, performance is usually not an issue for the first few years after installation. It’s usually after a few years of running hard water through the unit that you will really notice a difference in performance between cheap and high quality water heaters. Scale will build up on the bottom of water heaters and act as a insulator between the burner and the water. This is the most common reason that water heaters underperform.

One of the best systems of defense for keeping the scale out of your water heater is to flush out your unit on a regular basis. Please note, if you water heater has been sitting for ten years it could actually cause problems flushing out the water heater. It’s not uncommon when flushing old water heaters¬†to have the drain valve fail or the tp start to leak.