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AO Smith Water Heaters

AO Smith hot water heater

AO Smith is one of the worlds leading water heater manufacturers. The company has been around for over 100 years and has several brands of water heaters that they produce.

AO Smith actually set the bar for energy efficiency back before the government made it a requirement. Since AO Smith was the leader in efficiency, the government required that all water heaters produced meet the energy savings of an AO Smith water heater.

The AO Smith tank is probably the most durable when it comes to protecting against leaks. With modern plumbing infrastructure todays water heaters are typically under more stress than homes in the past years. This is especially true in homes that are on a closed loop system.

Problems with AO Smith Water Heaters

Most Common problems with AO Smith Water Heaters seems to be the pilot light going out on it’s own. AO Smith Water Heaters installed in 2008 seem to have some of the most issues. The flame arrester has to be cleaned in order to operate properly. This issue is often misdiagnosed as a faulty thermocouple or bad gas valve. The first step when troubleshooting any AO Smith gas water heater is to clean out the air intake filter. This can be done fairly easily since the screen is on the bottom outside portion of the tank. Use a shop vac to vacuum any dust or debris that could be blocking the filter.